Segmental Retaining Wall
One of Many SRW Units

Retaining Walls

Block USA manufactures and distributes a complete line of Anchor™, Allan Block® and other retaining wall units. These systems are the product of choice for designers and architects seeking ease of installation, strength, and performance.

Retaining walls are used to give support to vertical sloping land. By installing retaining walls, this once useless land can be leveled and put to greater use. Plants, trees and gardens can be added to beautify the newly reclaimed space.

Block USA offers a number of retaining wall products to meet this need, while at the same time, creating a visually striking landscape.

Some products are perfect for do-it-yourselfers, ideal for surrounding flower beds or accentuating the outdoor living space. On the commercial side, retaining walls are used for the construction of highway barriers, parking lots, erosion walls and bridges.

Segmental Walls
Retaining wall units from Block USA can add that aesthetic appeal to any project.

Allan Block®

Allan Block®
Allan Blocks are “dry-stacked” without the need for footings, mortar or fancy connectors. Allan Blocks lock together by design with unique, patented locking features so every block stays in place once they are stacked together.

Anchor™ Wall

Anchor™ Wall
Block USA is a licensed producer of segmental retaining wall units designed by Anchor™ Wall Systems.